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Do you need help locating a Daihatsu Mini Truck in Aguadilla PR? The Daihatsu Motor Company Ltd. is a vehicle fabricator who has its foundation and head office positioned in Japan. This Japanese automobile producer is generally acknowledged as Daihatsu and it is well-known for its construction of compacted automobiles and tiny vehicles that are recognized in Japan. This article will help you find daihatsu japanese truck new.

Daihatsu appeared one century ago but the brand name itself was not used on any vehicles till 1951 when the 1907 founded Hatsudoki Seizo company changed its name to Daihatsu Motor Co. Constructor of small cars, Daihatsu first released low-priced small engined three wheelers before launching its range of four wheelers in 1958. Although Daihatsu car sizes may spark laughter, they are the result of a cleverly positioned brand.

japanese mini truck
japanese mini truck

Most of the early and present Daihatsu model range is comprised of three cylinder engine powered vehicles as well as a minuscule very fuel-efficient diesel engine with a below 1000 cc displacement.

Daihatsu  is one of the oldest surviving Japanese internal combustible engine manufacturers, later known for its range of smaller kei models and off-road vehicles. Daihatsu was an independent auto maker until Toyota became a major shareholder in 1967 as the Japanese government intended to open up the domestic market. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation since August 2016.


Daihatsu’s first export was in 1953, and by 1980 half a million Daihatsu vehicles had been exported. Since the late 1990s, its exports have been steadily contracting. This has been partially offset by the sale of Daihatsu vehicles through the Toyota channel.

japanese mini truck
japanese mini truck
japanese mini truck

Daihatsu trucks are very useful workhorses and they are very fuel-efficient. Most of these trucks are imported as second-hand or used from Japan. These vehicles are favorite equipment in Aguadilla PR farming and ranching.


People who work on large property operations need to be able to get around their spread quickly and efficiently to make repairs, check on fences, crops, irrigation, and a host of other duties. In past years, the vehicle of choice was the basic pickup truck. It was reliable, and could carry enough supplies without making multiple trips. That’s where the Daihatsu truck comes in handy.

Daihatsu mini trucks are smaller vehicles that seat two, have an enclosed cab with heating and sometimes air conditioning, and feature a pickup bed that has nearly the same carrying capacity as the larger Japanese trucks. Yet the entire vehicle is much smaller, and far more maneuverable around the ranch or farm property.

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Overall these are great trucks that provide a lot of value for the average Aguadilla PR buyer. Just be careful when you buy and you’ll have an affordable and reliable working vehicle for years to come.

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If you spend more time working on your Aguadilla PR property than you do in recreation, look into daihatsu japanese truck new.

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