What is Japanese Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks, otherwise known as the Kei trucks are medium sized vehicles that resemble the pickups and is a lesser version of a truck. Japanese Mini Trucks are natives of the Japanese auto industry and they have been in use for many decades. They have been in production for many years and have undergone different transformations. Current models are at par with the auto demands while also addressing the ever rising environmental demands.

Mini-trucks are tough four wheel drive vehicles that are fuel efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. Japanese mini-trucks also have a host of standard features, an enclosed heated cab, folding bed sides and tail gate for easy loading and unloading. Some of the most common mini trucks that you will come by includes Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu hijet, Subaru Sambar and Honda Acty. All these mini trucks come in different types each meant to do certain tasks.

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